Ramasundaram. v

I appreciate Meedee's work in putting the finishing touches on our Karaikudi home. Compared to other property portals, a website with a large range of property alternatives On this website, you can identify relevant projects that suit your preferences for location.

Kalyani. S

Meedee is a user-friendly website that provides complete information about the developer, project location, and amenities all in one place, making it far more effective than any other method of searching for properties.Thank you for assisting me in selecting a residence.

Ravikumar. R

Meedee is a useful tool for finding a wealth of real estate-related information, which is why I choose it. I greatly profited from being able to find pertinent information. Meedee is updated frequently, and I value the team's commitment to enhancing the lives of people like me.

Kishor kumar. A
political member

"On Meedee.in, I placed an ad to rent out my apartment in Karaikudi. After two hours of advertising the property, responses started coming in nonstop. I was able to select a tenant of my choice and obtain a fair rent. I appreciate you, Meedee ".

Sanjay Ramadas. H
Hotel Manager

I looked for clients for a sizable leased commercial office space that belonged to a friend in Karaikudi. But everything was a time and money waste. But within 15 days of my posting the advertisement on Meedee, the property was sold. Gratitude to Meedee

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